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String Theory 07

This series investigates abstract ideas and concepts surrounding string theory and how closely interconnected our lives might be. String Theory: A description of physical reality in which the fundamental entities are not particles but tiny string-like loops. Different oscillations of the loops correspond to what we now consider different “elementary” particles. String theory is a…

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Newfoundland features a new series of gouache-on-paper paintings depicting threatened or endangered flora and fauna existing in an imaginary world. For Newfoundland, Marill has familiarized herself with species (focusing primarily on plants and birds) whose status is either threatened, endangered, or extinct. Within her imagery she uniquely navigates and accesses the rich past of natural…

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Dirty Birdy

Marill’s bright palette and Pop sensibilities are a pleasing and balanced contrast to the often darker implications of her subject matter. Marill collects bits of Styrofoam from the canal near her home. The material wears down, like rocks, into smooth biomorphic shapes that Marill finds attractive. Marill says these Styrofoam pieces remind her of the…

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