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A Big Small Town

Trying to capture the essence of Phoenix as a non-native is often a difficult task. Usual initial reactions revel in its flaws: the traffic, air pollution, sprawl and guns. After passing the years in the valley, the positives seem equally apparent: the untouched desert, thunderstorms, wild life and community. It’s starting to feel like home…

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Resident Birds

Resident Birds is a series of drawings created while birding at the Colorado Arts Ranch Residency in Steam Boat Springs, Colorado. All drawings are Gouache on Paper 9″x12″ For more information please visit Conduit Gallery

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Doing a lot with very little

Doing A Lot With Very Little is an endeavor at non-narrative work. The series is based on composition, line, shadow, color and medium but of course when working with recognizable images it’s quite difficult not to have some sort of narrative impression work it’s way in. I chose to paint house plants after coming across…

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