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Turkey Vulture 9"x12" gouache on paper SOLD

Dallas News, July 2008

Art Review: Carrie Marill’s bird portraits are witty and sophisticated. Charles Dee Mitchell You wouldn’t expect an artist in the year 2008 to wake in the morning and say to himself or herself, “Today I am going to make a painting of a bird.” Aren’t they supposed to be hacking into computer code or working…

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Great Grey in the Trees

my love for you is a stampede of horses

ok excuse me if i get a little shouty in this post…but i have so much to say about carrie marill’s work. last week, 20×200 released a gorgeous print by carrie, which sold out in heart beat. is it any wonder looking at these pieces? not only was i completely enraptured w/ her print, but…

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Forsythia Crab Apple Fir and Eng Mushroom 7"x10" gouache on paper SOLD

dear ada

Once in a while I stumble across an artist who’s work touches on a number of my particular subject loves, and that is most definitely the case with carrie marill. Not only are her paintings and drawings amazing in their simple, flat, modern depiction of birds, houses, mushrooms and landscape but their compositions are surprising…

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Southwest Art

Artists to Watch in 2008 Whimsical, stark, spare, disarming, sneakily and subversively weighty, Carrie Marill’s works in gouache and acrylic combine the silliness of Dr. Seuss with the sober precision of John James Audubon. Born in San Francisco in 1976 to a dentist father and a phlebotomist mother, Marill and her brother (now a musician)…

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Happy Little Lyre Bird 9"x12" gouache on paper SOLD

Daily Dolan Geiman: January 03, 2008

Gouache Paradise: The Work of Carrie Marill So I decided to start doing a little blog series on artists and their command of a particular medium or material. What better way to start than with the ever perplexing Gouache. Pronounced ‘Gwash’, this opaque watercolor is a favorite of screen-printers turned painters, or vice versa, due…

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Modern Interior 20"x24" acrylic on linen SOLD

The Arizona Republic: January 18, 2008

ARTS AND MUSEUMS: Newcomer provides a fresh look at the Valley By Richard Nilsen As a newcomer to Arizona, Carrie Marill can still see things we no longer notice. The city and its surroundings fairly pop out of her work now showing at Lisa Sette Gallery in Scottsdale. Here’s Good Sam hospital, there’s the grain…

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Newfoundland 5 7"x10" gouache on paper SOLD

LA Times: August 10, 2007

AROUND THE GALLERIES: Endangered, threatened . . . safe By Leah Ollman, Special to The Times The “newfoundland” of Carrie Marill’s lovely show at Sixspace is not the known locale but an imagined place. It exists on paper as a visual sanctuary for threatened and endangered species of plants and animals, mostly birds.

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Newfoundland 9 22"x30" gouache on paper SOLD

Suicide Girls: Jul 25, 2007

Suicide Girls: Jul 25, 2007 Carrie Marill Interview By Caryn Coleman Caryn Coleman: Two part question – Can you explain a little bit about your new series of endangered flora and fauna in newfoundland? How did you become interested in this subject and what did you learn while making the series? You say that you…

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Violet Green Swallow 5"x7" gouache & collage on paper SOLD

Modified Arts: Carrie Marill::Dirty Bird

Modified Arts: Carrie Marill :: Dirty Bird Show Dates: September 21 – October 26, 2007 407 E. Roosevelt, Phoenix, AZ 85004. tel: 602.462.5516 “Modified Arts is pleased to present a new body of work by local artist, Carrie Marill. This series of twenty small-scale gouache on paper paintings reflects her abiding interest in the plight…

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