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Daily Serving, 2014

Daily Serving: “Carrie Marill: Domesticated at Lisa Sette Gallery” By Jennifer McCabe Morales  May 1, 2014 Perhaps the best-known artist to explore the realm of motherhood in conjunction with art making is Mary Kelly. Her 1976 Post Partum Document was a six-year exploration of the mother-child relationship that included relics, observations, and charts. While there…

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Phoenix New Times, 2014

Phoenix New Times: ”Domesticated at Lisa Sette Gallery Is Unsettling in the Best Way” By Katrina Montgomery  May 1, 2014 My grandmother makes wedding cakes for a living. The cakes are always delicious, but it’s their decorative aspects I’ve alway found fascinating. The tiers are pilled high, seemingly in defiance of gravity, and the sugary coating…

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