Carrie Marill’s Ten-O-One Window Mural Voted Best Window Art of 2020 by Phoenix New Times

Best of Phoenix // Megalopolitan Life //2020
By: Phoenix New Times

Look up while approaching the northeast corner at Roosevelt Street and Central Avenue, and you’ll see works by three artists gracing the windows of the Ten-O-One building owned by True North Studio. Between Antoinette Cauley’s portrait of James Baldwin and Debra Hurd’s portrait of Theodore Roosevelt, you’ll see geometric designs by Carrie Marill. Featuring meticulous strips of color that channel her larger body of work, Marill’s compositions bring a fresh aesthetic to the building, while creating a visual bridge between the other works similarly installed using mural wraps that freed the artists from having to paint directly in the glass surface. Their sharp angles suggest the idea of pointing, as if to raise the question of how Roosevelt Row has developed in recent years and what that means for the artists in its midst.