Lisa Sette Gallery to host Carrie Marill work: Daily Independent

Lisa Sette Gallery to host Carrie Marill work
by: Independent Newsmedia, Daily Independent


Carrie Marill is on display at Lisa Sette Gallery in Phoenix with an exhibit called Protected Vulnerability, which will run through Feb. 29.

Along with Ms. Marill’s work, there will be new works by Angela Ellsworth in the atrium. Lisa Sette Gallery, 210 E. Catalina Drive in Phoenix, will host an opening reception from 7-9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 11..

Ms. Marill’s paintings utilize form, color and clean, bright angles in sharp relief, according to a press release. These views of the matter of the physical world, organized into patterns, may appear clear to the viewer, but Ms. Marill says her paintings are often the result of years in which unexpected geometries are allowed to agitate and resolve.

In January and February, Lisa Sette Gallery will feature a selection of Ms. Marill’s new works, detailed acrylic canvases which draw inspiration from the notion of fortifications and barriers—both their protective exteriors and the precious interior spaces within.

Ms. Marill’s recent focus on walls and thresholds speaks, a release states, of barriers and preservation, the human instinct to guard and separate and a present moment of estrangement and division.

In Ms. Marill’s works, the walls become part of a process of acknowledging the need for guardedness and vulnerability, as well as suggesting the possibility of moving through that barrier in order to access interior truths.

In some of these works, vining flora can be glimpsed within a burnished bronze enclosure. Other paintings contain masonry-like surfaces, expressed in lines with the clarity and patternwork a release claims is a hallmark of Ms. Marill’s endeavors.

Enveloped within these walls can be hidden initial paintings, or series of paintings that are a foundational, if concealed, part of the artist’s process.

“I wanted to show beauty in the depiction of vulnerability, but also to guard it,” she said in a prepared statement.

The use of discrete strands of gold and bronze paint is a motif found, a release states, throughout Ms. Marill’s work and in the paintings at Lisa Sette Gallery this January, metallic hues become a primary medium, symbolic of the alchemical aspects of creative work.

“I wanted to create a mosque or church-like space inside the gallery, all of the paintings glowing with patterning in gold or bronze, to create these almost sacred objects,” she said.

Ms. Marill recently studied Moroccan patterning at a traditional painting school in the U.K., saying “the uses of color, space, pattern, and reduction in Middle Eastern and Asian painting have always interested me. There’s meditative sensibility that resonates with me and is something I try to integrate into my pieces.

“Ultimately, I see the world through a patterned lens, and what I’ve learned is that much of the world sees through this lens as well,” she said.