Great Grey in the Trees

my love for you is a stampede of horses

ok excuse me if i get a little shouty in this post…but i have so much to say about carrie marill’s work. last week, 20×200 released a gorgeous print by carrie, which sold out in heart beat. is it any wonder looking at these pieces? not only was i completely enraptured w/ her print, but the name, the name! holy lord the name. i just loved it: a dream world glimmers in the background of the soul. looking over carrie’s work, i had such a hard time picking out what to display here on the blog. it all resonates beautifully w/ me. the rainbows and wildlife, make each and everyone irresistible. i walk to work everyday, seeing all sorts of birds and animals, which remind me more and more that our worlds are becoming increasingly entwined every second. carrie’s work is a perfect rendition of this. go to her site and pour over the pages and pages of her work…it’s so worth it. and for crying out loud get on 20×200 mailing list if you haven’t already.