Doing a lot with very little

  • 2008
  • Jen Bekman Gallery

Doing A Lot With Very Little is an endeavor at non-narrative work. The series is based on composition, line, shadow, color and medium but of course when working with recognizable images it’s quite difficult not to have some sort of narrative impression work it’s way in. I chose to paint house plants after coming across some elegant images in a Japanese architecture book found online. I’ve painted them before and found myself returning to plants when I needed a break from the detailed birds I had been working on over the past year. I like the quiet and contemplative way drawings of ordinary house plants can say so much with me doing very little to them. The perspective/color drawings are pauses between the house plants and are observations in color, value and composition. While painting these, each color choice was in response to the previous color painted. These small drawings generate three dimensional images on a two dimensional space. Simple marks combined together creating an optical illusion, much like the subtle value changes and intricate lines which make up the images of house plants. The non-linear structure of the show is in response to some questions I have been exploring. With a majority of my source material found online and the final drawings viewed on the internet; is the final image just a collage of media re-constituted thru me? It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even really see the drawing until I scan it and view it on my screen, knowing that is where the majority of my audience will view the work. Drawings and paintings are the first ways in which humans communicated and recorded imagery. Nowadays, recorded images are captured and edited with digital media. How has this changed the way we see, construct and choose our images? Viewing a house plant online is engineered by a system of programs and the image itself is perceived by thousands of pixels. These pixels create a large chunk of our visual world. With that information how is experiencing art in person different then what you will see online?

These works are available thru Jen Bekman Gallery

3 prints from this series are available at 20×