• 2017

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Technology and the Handmade are two worlds constantly vying for attention in my studio practice. On one hand I struggle with technology and it’s lack of the “hand” – on the other hand I now depend so much on technology to realize my work. Can I make the machine made appear hand hewn? Can I make the hand made more polished? For this show I chose Crystal Structures as a starting point to explore these challenges. Crystal structures have a quality to them that are nature’s digital expressions they are a perfect bridge between the natural and digital world. Utilizing my hand drawings of the crystal structures, the program RHINO, handmade egg tempera paint, various wood species and a CNC router, I bring both the organic and inorganic together. I created a series in which I am playing with patterns and restricting my pallet and letting the hand and digital world compete in finding balance and imbalance.

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