• The Tortoise
  • Scissor Tailed Fly Catcher
  • Male Grackle
  • Female Grackle
  • Bird Power
  • The Wolf
  • The Calf Bird
  • The African Weaver 10"x7" gouache on paper SOLD
  • Red Billed Ox Pecker with Impala 12"x9" gouache on paper SOLD
  • Knotty Pines 12"x9" gouache on paper SOLD
  • Howling
  • Great Grey in the Trees
  • Deer Feeding

String Theory

  • 2011

This series investigates abstract ideas and concepts surrounding string theory and how closely interconnected our lives might be.

String Theory: A description of physical reality in which the fundamental entities are not particles but tiny string-like loops. Different oscillations of the loops correspond to what we now consider different “elementary” particles. String theory is a leading candidate for a “theory of everything”. All drawings are gouache on paper.